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    Why do not need claimant adjuster at time of claim?


    If you are declined by insurance companies, you have different options to explore.  This course advises what options you are available and how Technic Essential can help.

    • 大廈水缸內球閥老化,需要更換
    • 業主立案法團委託工程公司維修
    • 工程公司更換了同牌子的配件
    • 一年後,配件功能失效
    • 水缸內的水流到電梯,導致電梯損失超過$400,000
    • 業主立案法庭向保險公司索賠後,保險公司委託公證行向工程公司所有損失。

    Overview of what risks a project owner should consider, including political risks, financial risks, and construction risks.




    Application of concept of "Buildings" or "Contents" can be significantly important particularly when the unit owners buy only "Building" or "Contents", but not both.  Therefore, it is particularly important to distinguish the concept clearly.


    Unattended vehicle exclusion is an exclusion typically unknown to policyholders.  This course explains what is it about and different angles of interpretation.

    Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance course explains the details and background of what and how forwarders liability are incurred.  Brief introduction on Forwarders Liability Insurance is also included.

    This is written in English.

    你所乘坐的Uber,如果發生意外受傷了,你是否會獲得汽車保險保障呢? 如果沒有保險,你是否可以從其他途徑得到賠償呢?


    When claimant found out their loss is not fully recovered, it is often due to under-insurance, which means you should have insuring full amount of property value.  This course explains how it works at time of loss.

    Please note that this course is NOT yet submitted to Hong Kong Insurance Authority for CPD approval.  You will not be awarded with IA CPD by joining from this site.  However, you can enquire with Hong Kong Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA) for CPD award courses by e-learning.

    This course is "Liability Insurance – Divergent Views on Water Damage Cases (Cantonese Version)" is an Insurance e-CPD two-hour course delivered in spoken Cantonese with a combination of written Chinese and English.  It is divided into 4 30-minute sessions.

    This course, "Liability Insurance – Divergent Views on Water Damage Cases (English)," is an Insurance e-CPD two-hours course delivered in English, divided into four 30-minute sessions.

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    This series of Liability Insurance Claim Case Studies Course has the objective of equipping the participants to use practical liability claim cases as examples to demonstrate:

    1) divergent views of insurance companies and claimant at the time of loss;

    2) different perspectives on insurance coverages or contractual (non-insurance) issues from claimants’ (or policyholder’) perspectives;

    3) policyholders’ rights and obligations at the time of loss on “fair and equitable” claim process;

    4) how independent claims management company can help claimants/brokers;